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I have run into some broken links:

1. the Enchanter Perspective (DocGotGame) of Pantheon Stream #11 (Pre-Alpha 3) -- 06 Aug '18 -- All-Star Dream Team.

This leads directly to twitch, and the VoD has since been erased. I cannot find a Highlight or Youtube version of this video.

2. Leksur (Ogre Dire Lord) POv of Pantheon Stream #12 (Pre-Alpha 3) -- 22 Aug '18 -- Community Stream #1.

Leksur created a highlight of this VoD. Here is the link you can replace it with:

I may have DocGotGame's video on one of my hard drives (I back up a lot of Pantheon Stuff haha). If desired, I can upload it to YouTube (I will provide links to DocGotGame's twitch and media accounts in addition to crediting him!) and provide the link. Let me know, if so.

Have a great day! Moxieonline (talk) 22:46, 14 May 2019 (UTC)