Shield Slam

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Shield Slam
WAR Bash icon.png
Class(es): Warrior
Passive or Activated: Activated
Level Required: ???
Target(s): Single Target
Cost: 1 Battle Point
Range: 3.5m
Cast Time: Instant
Duration: 5s
Cooldown: 10s
1: Interrupt target's spell casting
2 Silences the target for 5 seconds.
3: If the target was Angry, this ability generates bonus Hate.
How to Acquire
Purchased from: Unknown

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Change Log[edit | edit source]


Bullet.png December 13th, 2019

Resource Cost Changed. (1 Endurance > 1 Battle Point)

Note(s)[edit | edit source]

It is unknown if this ability still has modifying attributes (Dec. 2019)