Floor of Heavens (White Gate)

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Floor of Heavens (White Gate)
Floor of Heavens (White Gate)
Continent: Kingsreach
Type: ???
Level Range ?? - ??
Zone Summary
This area is found within Faerthale.

The Floor of Heavens is a pressure point for the larger Elven body. Once it was a treasured place of pilgrimage for worship and reflection. Now this border to the Roan mountains is an inhospitable wasteland, watched over only by the Elves of Dythiir’s Hand, who are stationed at the White Gate.

The Floor itself is a series of high plateaus, often with narrow passes in between. Most of the passage remains unrepaired after years of rock slides and clashes between the Elvonnen giants and Colossi of the Roans. While not an outright impasse, the Elves have little desire to keep the corridor open, especially with threats that dwell beyond the otherwise peaceful giants. Without the reclamation and security efforts of Dythiir’s Hand however, the realm may have been forced to confront their northern border with desperation rather than decisiveness.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]