Dire Lord

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Dire Lord
Role: Tank, Utility
Armor Cloth
Weapons One-Handed Edged
Two-Handed Edged
Available Races
Myr.jpg Dark Myr
HumanThumb.jpg Human
OgreThumb.jpg Ogre
SkarThumb.jpg Skar

Legends speak of Dire Lords capable of mastering the crippling power of fear, with some able to manipulate the ‘essence’ of living things--even their very blood.

Lore[edit | edit source]


Description[edit | edit source]

The Dire Lord is considered a myth by most. In the oral tradition of Terminus’ history, there are legends that speak of Dire Lords capable of mastering the crippling power of fear, with some able to manipulate the very essence of their enemies.

The Dire Lord is a proficient combatant that is known for their swift and brutal melee attacks and their relentless self-healing. But while battling their enemy in a corporeal sense, Dire Lords are also waging war in the imagination of their foe. By infiltrating the essence of a being, the Dire Lord can ravage their enemy with horrifying phantoms, alter the properties of their essence and even steal their essence completely. By mastering Essence-manipulation, the Dire Lord is able to wield their own blood in battle, using it to replenish themselves or to assail their enemies from the inside out.

Group Role[edit | edit source]

Tank, Utility

Combat Resource[edit | edit source]

Essence In combat, Dire Lords will constantly generate Essence as a percentage of the damage they deal. They will also gain Essence based on the damage they take. As Essence is accumulated, it is represented by an Essence Vial integrated into the character portrait.

In addition, certain abilities will increase a Dire Lord’s Essence by a certain amount when used. Other abilities will have an Essence cost in order to be performed.

Featured Abilities[edit | edit source]

Relentless Vitality
Passive Ability. The lower your health, the stronger your natural health regeneration becomes.
Sanguine Cloak
Passive Ability. Your mastery of essence has made you more resistant to magical effects.

Dark Revenge
Passive Ability. After being critically hit, your next attack will restore your health by X% of the damage you deal.

Passive Ability. The duration of Fear effects on you is cut in half.

Bring your blood to the surface of your skin and infuse it with caustic properties. Any physical damage dealt to you within a 6m radius will cause blood to splash on the attacking enemy, dealing damage.

Provoking Phantoms
Cost: 20 Essence

Cast: Instant; 6s cooldown

Range: 12m

The longer you stay focused on the same enemy in combat, the more terrifying you will become to them, deepening their fear and hatred of you exponentially over time.

Dire Mark
You mark a member of your group. Whenever that group member takes damage, X% of that damage will be redirected to you.

Essence Thief

Cost: none

Cast: Instant; 20s cooldown

Range: 15m

You shadowstep to an enemy's location up to 15 meters away, draining that enemy's Mana by 5% and instantly restoring your Essence to full.

[reveal page description: Exchange your depleted essence for the fresh essence of an enemy within X meters, filling your Essence Vial to maximum and switching physical locations with them. The shock of this exchange of essence will affect your enemy in different ways based on their Entity Type (Humanoid, Animal, Insect, Incorporeal, etc.)]

Baleful Severing
You sever your enemy's will and command them to be still. In this helpless state, the next attack against them will not miss and cannot be dodged, parried, blocked, riposted or resisted. When the attack lands, fills your Essence Vial to full.

Grip of Torment
Infiltrate your enemy's essence and turn it against them, obstructing any healing from benefiting that enemy for the duration of the effect. (Uses Essence)

If you are afflicted with a poison or disease, this ability will afflict the same poison or disease onto your enemy. (Uses Essence)

Leaden Blood
You cause your enemy's essence to grow thick and heavy, weighing them to the ground and preventing movement. (Uses Essence)

Canopy of Blood
You release nearly all of the blood in your veins, sacrificing 25% of your health to create a covering that renders all within X meters of you immune to magical effects for a short time. (Uses Essence)

Sanguine Shield
You draw out your blood and form it into a solid shield in front of you, dampening the damage of magical attacks against you for 2 seconds. There is a chance the damage will be nullified completely and this chance will increase based on your Constitution. (Uses Essence)

Deafening Whisper
You bombard your opponents imagination with frightening possibilities, silencing them for a short time. (Uses Essence)

Blood States
You change the property of your blood to suit your needs:
Nightmare Blood
The damage you deal afflicts your enemy with palpable horror, converting X% of your damage into bonus Hate.

Torrential Veins
You cause your blood to flow faster, increasing your health regeneration rate and causing your Essence Vial to fill X% faster.
Essence Leech
Your blood swells with the essence of your enemies, increasing your critical strike chance. Your critical hits draw out the essence of your enemy, healing you for X% of the damage dealt.

Dampen Harm[edit | edit source]

Cost: 50 Essence

Cast: Instant; 120s cooldown

Reduces all damage you take by 30% to 50% for 10 seconds, with larger attacks being reduced by more.

Melee Abilities[edit | edit source]


Cost: none

Cast: Instant; 8s cooldown

Range: 3m

A ruthless attack that carves your enemy open to expose their essence, causing your enemy to bleed and healing you for X% of your Max health over 4 seconds. (Generates 5 Essence)
Sanguine Blade

Cost: 25 Essence

Cast: Instant; 20s cooldown

Range: 3m

A blood-laced attack that lowers your enemy's Magic Resistance and drains X% of their Max Mana. (Generates Essence)

Edge of Midnight

Cost: 40 mana (essence?)

Cast: Instant; 20s cooldown

Range: 3m

A strike that absorbs a magical effect from your enemy and grants it to you. This attack deals more damage based on your enemy's Max Mana. (Uses Essence)

Abyssal Strike

Cost: 40 Essence

Cast: Instant; 15s cooldown

Range: 3m

A vicious attack that ignores all enemy armor, healing you for 25% of your Max Health.


Cost: 20 Essence

Cast: Instant; 15s cooldown

Range: 3m

A violent attack that splatters your enemy’s essence in a 6m radius. Up to 3 enemies within that radius have a chance to be afflicted with the same detrimental effects as your target. (Uses Essence)

Weapons[edit | edit source]

One-Handed Edged Two-Handed Edged

Dire Lords receive a bonus to critical strike chance when wielding one-handed edged weapons and a bonus to critical strike damage when wielding two-handed edged weapons

Skills/Abilities[edit | edit source]

Main article: Dire_Lord/Abilities

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