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Role: Healer, Support
Specializations Battle Cleric
Armor Heavy Plate Armor, Plate-Woven Raiment
Weapons Clerics are schooled in several types of One-Handed Blunt weaponry. Most have discarded the use of staves in order to carry their large tomes into battle, the ancient books bursting with powerful signets, writs and edicts.
Available Races
Revenant large.jpg Dark Myr
Dwarf large.jpg Dwarf
Human large.jpg Human

The Cleric is a class available to player characters in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Clerics are focused on healing and dealing damage to their enemies through melee combat and faith magic. They can manifest astral Paladin sentries to fight for/with them.

Lore[edit | edit source]

It is the Frail Age of Terminus. After the horrors of the Deicide War, interaction with the Celestials has become virtually unknown. Thus, the Clerics can hardly rely on their Pantheon directly. Instead, they must bind themselves to the ancient directives of their Order, guided by the written wisdom of the Celestials of ages past.

Description[edit | edit source]

To his core, the Cleric is focused on healing himself and his allies, and in this role he has no equal. But the Cleric can also dramatically enhance the defenses of his allies through the use of powerful signets, potent writs and ethereal armors. Though few in number, Clerics can perform feats of stunning ability once empowered with a measure of their Celestial’s influence. Indeed, for this very reason, certain elder Clerics are mistakenly revered as true Celestials! Because of the Cleric’s searing devotion to the Celestial path, they have evolved the means to turn the Undead and other malignant beings.

Ability Arsenal: The Clerics have mastered the restorative arts of their Order, allowing them to use their many potent healing abilities. Thus empowered, Clerics excel in most forms of healing, including: Self, Target, Group and Raid-oriented abilities. Clerics also have a variety of other healing powers, including: Direct, Heal-Over-Time, and Heal-On-Hit. In addition to healing, Clerics also excel in defensive support using ethereal armors and signet blessings.

Iconic Ability: Manifest: Pillar Shield - High level Clerics can manifest, place and even carry massive Pillar Shields. These huge, luminous walls of energy form towering, immovable barriers that, for a limited duration, no enemy can pass. But, if desired, the Cleric can choose to sheath his weapon so that he may carry the Pillar Shield short distances to a better position before resuming the fight.

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